Aloha, I'm Krista Aoki and I use stories to create shareable content.

I’m a brand storyteller, copywriter, and designer helping small businesses tell stories, build relationships, and make sales.

My goal is to help small business owners grow their online visibility so they can focus on what they do best: making a positive impact and transforming the lives of others.

I’m currently a Brand Director at kapwa studio, where we help impact-driven businesses create relationships online through organic growth, community building and storytelling.

My promise to you

To give you space & knowledge to evolve.

My goal is to join you on your journey to the next level of self & business.

I like reading books

Right now, I'm creating, a directory of books by authors and illustrators who are Black, Indigenous or People of Color.

I like to write

My writing weaving research, culture, and storytelling has been featured in publications including The Startup, Highly Sensitive Refuge, and Curiosity Saves.

I like to tell stories

I'm fulfilling my life purpose at kapwa studio, helping POC-owned brands reach their next level of business through community-driven marketing on Instagram.