Krista Aoki is a brand copywriter & web designer helping small businesses tell stories, build relationships, and make sales.

Grow your online visibility with content & copy so you can
focus on what you do best: making a positive impact and transforming your clients' lives.

My promise to you

To give you space & knowledge to evolve.

Whether we work together on a writing or design project, together we will take you to the next level.


Content Writing

My content weaving research, culture, and storytelling has been featured in publications including The Startup, Highly Sensitive Refuge, and Curiosity Saves.


Change happens in waves.

Understanding change happens in waves, Econalu is on a mission to break down the big ideas that lead to a happier planet, community and economy.

Reroute Lifestyle

Live life unconventionally.

Reroute Lifestyle challenges the status quo by simplifying the process of creating, learning, and living an unconventional life.

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