Feel fully expressed.

Aloha, I’m Krista! I am a website and graphic designer passing empaths the microphone so they can find their voice, discover their credibility and feel fully expressed.

You’re making an impact, but your DIY-web-presence isn’t exactly positioning you as the authority in your field. Give yourself a louder voice with a design that communicates your credibility, broadcasts your impact, and positions you as a professional. Click here to see how we can work together.

You can find me talking about life as an empath & freelancer on Instagram, blogging about tech tips to help you live an unconventional life at Reroute Lifestyle, or nerding out about everything freelance on the Heart Centered Service Podcast.

You're here because you're sick of small talk.

Let’s talk about how I can use design to help you amplify your voice, have deep conversations online & make a bigger impact.