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6 Ways to Improve Blog Traffic & Grow Your Audience

June 26, 2017

The other day I literally received a Messenger message from some random person asking me to exchange page views. They offered to exchange 20 page views per day (???), suggesting that if this strategy was done among 10 people, that’s like 200 page views already! That’s not what I’m about to suggest when we talk about how to improve blog traffic.

When I asked for feedback about my 10-day Passionate Profit email course on blogging, tons of you replied asking me to dish some details on how to increase your traffic numbers.

So, clearly, driving traffic to our blogs is a highly coveted task. Let me tell you: it’s not easy. And it’s not just doing one small task.

I truly believe that a combined, targeted strategy will help you not just improve blog traffic, but also grow your audience at the same time.

So let’s talk about getting real, interested people (a.k.a. YOUR TRIBE!) to your blog.

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1. Know your audience & tailor content towards them.

You read this all the time, but do you really know how important knowing your audience is to driving traffic to your blog? There is a connection.

You have to know what your audience enjoys. What they dislike. How they feel about different topics.


The more you know about your audience, the easier time you will have drawing them towards your content.

For example, one of my top-performing posts since the beginning of my blog has been Student Loans 101: How to Pay Off Your Student Loans and Live Debt Free. It attracted people who were interested in paying off their student loans, and of course living debt free.

What if the post was just…Student Loans 101? Then it might appeal to more people, but it wouldn’t be the right particular audience for my content overall.

So, in short, tailor your content towards your audience. When you write a headline, give them a visual of what they can experience after reading your post.

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2. Create an Archives page.

One of the goals I listed in my Fourth Income Report was to create an Archives page.

(Side note: thank goodness I track monthly goals in my income reports, because it gives me projects to work on when I just don’t feel like doing other blog tasks.)

Sometimes it’s a fuss to delve page after page, deep into a blogger’s post history. Make it easy for your readers to binge on your posts. Create an Archive page where you list all the published posts on your blog. Then they can just open a new tab for every post on that list that interests them!

Don’t know what an Archives page is? Check out my simple Archives page here.

3. Interlink your posts.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been somewhat MIA from my blog and its responsibilities for a while. I took this time to refocus, go back through my old posts, and ensure they all linked to newer posts. Although totally tedious, it’s also totally important.

As you draft a post, it’s easy enough to link to your previous posts. But do your older posts link to your newer posts?

After you finish up your Archives page, you can take a short amount of time to go through your old posts and make sure they promote your newer content, too!

If you consistently pin or tweet your old content, people still visit your older posts. So, why not redirect those new visitors to some closely related, newer posts?

4. Make your Pinterest SEO-friendly.

This past month, I brought my monthly Pinterest views from around 150k up to 225k. Average monthly Pinterest views means the amount of people who have seen my pins in the past month. The more people who see your pins = the more opportunities you have to receive a click through to your website.

My increase in monthly Pinterest views is in part due to going back through my pins and adjusting the keywords in their descriptions.

Keywords can be defined as the search terms people use to find content related to the topic you’re writing about.

If you insert keywords into your Pinterest description, your pins are more likely to show up when someone searches for that topic.

And then the traffic comes naturally.

Of course, there’s more that goes into my Pinterest strategy (for example, I use Tailwind to schedule my pins). But optimizing your pins with relevant keywords will undoubtedly increase the traffic you get from Pinterest.

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5. Social Media

Of course, a consistent social media presence will undoubtedly help you improve blog traffic.

  1. Here’s my Pinterest strategy that brings me consistent daily views and exposure.
  2. Katherine from Slightly Savvy talks about how to grow your audience & page views with Insta stories.
  3. And if you’re struggling to get results from Facebook groups, you might need to read these tips on how to up your Facebook Group Game.

Tackling social media can take a lot out of your time. That’s why I automate most of my social media posts.

For Pinterest, Tailwind is my go-to Pinterest scheduler that helped me reach 225k monthly Pinterest views. Click here to try Tailwind for free – no credit card required!

For Facebook and Twitter, I use both Hootsuite and Buffer. Hootsuite is great for batching social media updates. But while you can only schedule 10 updates per account at once using Buffer, they allow you to easily reuse a post from the past.

Now, you can run social media on autopilot and focus on the other many tasks that come with blogging!

6. Work on your e-mail list.

Like, whaaat? You probably don’t see how your e-mail list goes hand in hand with building your traffic. And I can’t just say trust me on this one because I know maintaining an e-mail list is pretty freakin’ difficult work.

But let’s say you’ve got a viral pin on Pinterest. Or people are sharing an article of yours all over Facebook. And that article draws traffic to your blog on the daily. So all these random people visit your blog for that one article. And then they leave, and never come back. They never come back to read the incredible, helpful content you publish.

Sounds awful, right?

Instead, give them the option to “opt-in” to your mailing list. This does a few things:

  1. Whenever you send out an email to your mailing list, you build your relationship with them;
  2. You can go to your mailing list for feedback in the future (and create content based on their feedback);
  3. Let them know every time you hit publish, so you will constantly have a source of page views.

I use Mailerlite to build my mailing list. Not only is it free for your first 1,000 subscribers, but as a free user you still have access to their features including email automation and landing pages. Oh, and it’s freaking simple to use. Like, it took me 5EVER to figure out how to use Mailchimp…why wasn’t I using Mailerlite sooner?!

Improve Blog Traffic…and Grow Your Audience!

Alright, boo. Now you have the basics to not only improve your blog’s traffic numbers…but also grow your blog’s audience.

So, stop making excuses and start taking action!

Don’t forget to report back after you implement these strategies! I want to hear about your results.

Or, are you desperately yearning for more knowledge? Like I said, I purchased my first blogging eBook earlier this month: The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic. And it was worth every penny.

I enjoyed Ana’s style of writing (AND helpfulness) so much I tweeted about it right after I finished it…in one sitting.

…I’m obsessive…

Anyway, I TRULY believe Ana offers valuable tips for both the beginning, and more seasoned, blogger. Plus it really feels like she’s sittin’ with ya enjoying some coffee and just dishing the 411 on traffic tips.

For only the rest of June, you can get $4 off The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic! Snag it while it’s hot HERE!

And if you loved these tips, you’ll love my free, 10-day email course: Passionate Profit. You’ll get 10 days of free, actionable blogging tips straight to your inbox so you can start earning money from your blog in your sleep. Sign up for free using the form below!

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