Harry Potter and the New Direction of KristaAoki.com

September 2, 2017

I'm taking you, my reader, to new levels. KristaAoki.com is turning into a place for soul searchers to find the knowledge they need to become location independent digital nomads and totally reroute their lifestyle. (millennial bloggers, how to start a lifestyle blog, how to start a travel blog, travel the world, wanderlust, blog rebrand)Seven months ago, I started this blog with absolutely zero knowledge of what it takes to manage a blog professionally. Some days I wake up and wonder where I’m going, or if I’m doing the right thing. Well, I’m excited to announce that KristaAoki.com is evolving.

As I worked on the rebrand, it hit me: this new direction I’m headed can be compared to the outlet I found in JK Rowling’s world-famous Harry Potter series. So I wanted to compare the comfort I found in the Harry Potter series with the new direction of this blog.

Today, September 2, 2017, the entire Harry Potter series has officially taken place in the past. September 1, 2017 marked the day that Albus Severus Potter jumped aboard the Hogwarts Express for the very first time. As someone who grew up with the Harry Potter series, just typing that makes my heart sink. But with an ending, there’s always the possibility for a new beginning. Which is what I’m writing about today.

If this is your first time on KristaAoki.com, welcome! For the past seven months, I’ve written about millennial lifestyle, travel, and even blogging. At the very core of it all, I’ve striven to inspire young ladies to balance their careers while living a life they love.

Because: when it comes to trying to find your place in the world, I know where you’re coming from.

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I’m moving in a similar, but different, direction when it comes to the future of KristaAoki.com. But keep reading to find out more.

I’ve always craved community.

I read Harry Potter religiously growing up. I went through the series multiple times. When my family moved from the small island where I grew up, to the mainland United States, I felt lost.

I no longer lived down the street from my childhood best friend, who I’d known my entire life. And I no longer had the same classmates to look forward to seeing at school.

But I had Harry Potter.

In June 2003, shortly after my family moved to the mainland US, JK Rowling published Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Even at 12, I finished my first reading of that book in probably one, maybe two, days. After that, I immediately had to talk to someone about it.

Of course, these were the days before Facebook… as if I was old enough for that. Thanks to my sharp Internet-fu skills, I found a community called Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place. (Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place was an address introduced in Order of the Phoenix, so I totally felt like I was joining an exclusive club of hardcore badasses who already read the book, too). 

Little did I know, the community I found in Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place would give me a community to call family for six, seven, eight years.

Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place was my Hogwarts. Truth be told, it was my escape from the regular drama that middle schoolers and high schoolers go through. I moved around, from state to state, as I grew up, so Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place was my constant. At Hogwarts, I felt safe. I felt loved.

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Any other Hufflepuffs in the house? #huffinornothin (shoutout to Abriana aka Chabs who coined that now hashtaggable term)

A little more about Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place

So total nerdy fact about me: one year, one of my very best friends and I took over the Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place community. It was our baby. We totally grew it and it was my first experience marketing, growing, and nurturing a community. I was like 13. LOL.

We created an online Hogwarts. Like, we had a legit sorting ceremony and actual classes and homework and even online Quidditch games. It was the first place I felt comfortable being real and being weird. We stayed up all night chatting and getting to know each other and obsessing over the latest Potter Puppet Pals video on YouTube. And, we still keep in contact with each other.

I even visited Hogwarts with someone from the Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place community last year!

Hanging outside of Hogwarts after class. This is Jaclyn. She’s a Ravenclaw.

So, what’s all this mean?

I’ve always craved community, even being such a soul searching wild wanderer. Like, I’m only 25 and I’ve moved five times since I started university.

When I started blogging, I loved being a part of the community. I still do, but I want to really work towards creating my own.

These past few months, I’ve been soul searching. I’ve followed and immersed myself into so many other incredible communities and seen what so many other incredible #girlbosses are doing. If you’ve followed along, I launched a Facebook group and shut it down because my heart just wasn’t in it.

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After a few months of introspective thinking, I found what I’m looking for.

I want to create a blog where soul searchers can find their place in the world.

The New Vision, The New Mission

I want to empower young souls to manage their finances intelligently so they can be in control of their own life and travel the world. I want to be there for anyone struggling to find their own place in the world, anyone who wants to learn how to take control of their finances and career so they can see and travel the world on their own terms.

The new mission for KristaAoki.com will be to empower soul searchers to be in control of their lives, finances, and future so they can reroute lifestyle.

If you visit KristaAoki.com for blogging advice, I encourage you to check out my new project: Reroute Lifestyle. It’s a community of goal-getters aspiring to take control of their lives, reroute their lifestyle, and be their own CEO. My boyfriend, Mike, is my partner-in-madness for Reroute Lifestyle.

That’s where we’re going. We’re rerouting our lifestyle.

But, where am going?

Where I’m Headed

I'm taking you, my reader, to new heights. KristaAoki.com is turning into a place for soul searchers to find the knowledge they need to become location independent digital nomads and totally reroute their lifestyle. (millennial bloggers, how to start a lifestyle blog, how to start a travel blog, travel the world, wanderlust, blog rebrand)In a couple of months, I’m going to pursue a location independent life.

I’m going to be one of those millennials who sells everything I own (well – I don’t own much LOL) in exchange for the opportunity to travel the world to work remotely.

On the blog we’ll talk making money online, finding remote jobs, the cost of living in certain areas, and long-term travel hacks. Anything and everything when it comes to making money online and managing that money so you can travel the world – on your own terms.

This year I realized the true potential of building a digital business (or digital businesses) from anywhere with a WiFi connection. I’m ready to focus 100% of my time on YOU, helping you fire your day job so you can work for yourself and make money from anywhere in the world (anywhere with a decent Internet connection, of course).

Again, if you’re more interested in blogging advice, click here to check out Reroute Lifestyle.

Otherwise, if you’re a soul searcher ready to follow me on this journey so you can be in control of your life, finances, and future… I’m excited to have you along. Let’s conquer location independence together.

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What’s Changing on KristaAoki.com

Please bear with me over the next few weeks as I apply the following changes to KristaAoki.com:

  1. Complete removal of the Blogging Resource Library and Exclusive Content Section. Click here for forever access to a list of 150+ Pinterest Group Boards.
  2. Redirecting all blogging articles to RerouteLifestyle.com. We are rewriting all of the blogging articles and will be publishing them on RerouteLifestyle.com. All my blogging article links will redirect to the new articles.
  3. Publishing a new opt-in! I am so excited to announce that I’ll be coming out with a new freebie for KristaAoki.com shortly. Without saying too much, it will be for soul searchers interested in rerouting their lifestyle…but who need a little direction as to how to start.
  4. Rewriting Passionate Profit. I will be rewriting the 10-day Passionate Profit email course to align more with the new vision of KristaAoki.com. Since I’ve gotten such good feedback for the course, I don’t want to take this content away from you guys…but at the same time, I don’t want to offer a freebie that’s totally not with the whole vibe I’m tryna put out for this blog.
  5. Update EVERY previous post to align with KristaAoki.com. One of the hardest things to do is rewrite or update previous posts! But I’m committing myself to making sure all of the content on here vibes with my new mission. This way, if someone randomly visits an article and enjoys what they see, they’ll just want to binge on everything else. EVERY SINGLE POST will align with the whole new vibe of KristaAoki.com.

Obviously, this is going to take a lot of time. All the while I’m still working at my day job. In the end, it’ll be so worth it because I’m doing this for you. You’ll read my content and find the information you need to be in control of your life, finances, and future so you can ultimately reroute your lifestyle.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the blog’s website updates (learn about the new soul searcher series freebie, read posts as they’re updated, etc.) be sure to follow me along on Twitter because that’s my favorite platform to give quick updates.

What do you think?

So now you know the direction KristaAoki.com is going: this is going to be a place for soul searchers to be in control of their lives, finances, and future so they can reroute lifestyle. Whether your goals are to become location independent, a digital nomad, or just a #girlboss in control of her own schedule… the future of KristaAoki.com is 100% for you.

With that being said…I really, really love hearing from you.

What do you think of the rebrand? And what’s YOUR story? What are YOU passionate about? Do you have any questions or curiosities about selling it all & moving abroad? This past month, I’ve been really focusing on getting to know you guys, reading your blogs, etc… it makes me happy reading everyone’s content and getting to know all about what you do and love.

P.S. If you want to be a part of a community of goal-getters aspiring to take control of their lives, reroute their lifestyle, and be their own CEO, you’re always welcome to join this free Facebook community. We post weekly lessons and conversational topics that dive deep into the art of blogpreneurism. We also know you want to get your brand out there, so there are weekly promotional threads that encourage engagement.

Much love,


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  • I feel like I resonate with everything you post.

    I’m a Ravenclaw, and my husband is a Gryffindor. Harry Potter got me through a LOT of stuff as I was growing up. It was always wonderful to escape to Hogwarts if things weren’t great in my life. Even if things weren’t great in the wizarding world, I knew it all would be in the end, and to read about a group of kids the same age as me accomplish such awesome feats…damn that was cool.

    As far as your rebranding – I have been LOVING Reroute Lifestyle and really feel like it’s the blogging website I feel most comfortable with. Maybe it’s because I’m part of the facebook group, maybe it’s because you’re just so damn sweet, but I just feel like I can handle this giant task I’ve given myself with my blog, like Harry taking down a troll. I’m excited to let you help me at both Reroute Lifestyle and KristaAoki.com, both in finding success in my blog and finding myself.

    I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and have the freedom from the time-money trade off. I’ve wanted to help and educate others. I’ve wanted to take vacations, travel, spend time with my family….but work has always gotten in the way. And I’m ready to take control of my own life, my finances, my time, and my passions.

    Thank you for being there for me this far, and for everything to come! 😀

    • You are so darn sweet! And yes, another thing that was really, really magical about reading Harry Potter is we totally freaking grew up with him. He was brave, he was kind, and he made mistakes. That world was just so real! 😉
      I’m sooo happy to hear you are loving Reroute Lifestyle! I think it’s helpful, too, to have the Facebook community as an extension of the blog. It’s kind of like going to class and talking about the lessons after class or something. You can really go more in-depth about things, or see where people are struggling/WINNING!
      GIRL, I am SO SO excited for you & your goals. Since I graduated (only three years ago) I’ve only gotten an average of like $1 raise per year. Which is generous, but… I’m just not going to be able to raise a family like that. I really want to free myself from the time-money trade off, too!!!


  • This is awesome! I’m so happy for you and I’m excited for you and your rebranding.

  • Bklyn Amphy

    First of all, I am loving the HP references. Harry Potter was how I escaped the real world as a kid. Definitely will forever love that series.
    Second, I am loving the confidence that is shining through in this post. I’m getting all types of inspirational & motivational vibes! ✨
    I’m glad that you are creating your own path & not letting society dictate that for you. Super excited to follow along & learn all that I can from you! ❤

    • Yes! I am glad there’s some appreciation for good ol’ Harry. What’s most embarrassing is I haven’t read the series for, gosh, YEARS. LIKE MORE THAN FIVE YEARS. What’s wrong with me!
      Bklyn, your encouragement and support seriously means THE WORLD to me. Thank you <3

  • LuckyLoveLife

    I’m so pumped for you and happy we are blogging buds. Can’t wait to learn more and share in the adventure. You’re going to crush it!

  • Krista, congratulations on your new project. It so beautiful when people know what they want AND make steps towards it. You are going to rock your new project.

    • Thank you so, so much Anastasia! I had to do a LOT of introspection and a lot of free writing before I knew…but I feel SOOOO unbelievably proud & ecstatic now that I’ve found it.


  • Awwwh yassss girl friend! Sososo happy for you and even more excited to be a part of your community! Here’s to growing together <333


    • AHHH YES! Can’t wait to grow together, girl! Your support has been SOOO empowering – seriously, the little things you do really go a long way. So keep doing you because it’s impactful AF!


  • Samantha Williams

    I am so excited for you and so excited to read the new blog. It sounds like a wonderful idea and I love that your boyfriend is involved. With how time consuming blogging can be, I certainly wish my fiance was more on board lol. I adore Harry Potter and can really relate to your ongoing connection <3 I have the order of the phoenix on repeat every night. Glad you are finding and sharing your passion, can't wait to keep reading.

    • Samantha, thank you so much for your support!

      His help has been SO incredible. TBH I wouldn’t be able to manage a Facebook community by myself & I told him that before we even started the group. I feel overwhelmed by being the only one (it’s hard work!) so Mike playing an active role in really nurturing our community lifts so much weight off my shoulders. Plus he takes like 96% of my blog’s photos LOL! So that’s helpful in and of itself!


      Again girl, thanks so much for your kind words! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can do anything for ya.

  • SEPPY!

    I like, had no idea this whole pathfinding passion journey was a thing & I’m so excited to find a community of gals who are like committed to following their dreams & putting in the time to do it.

    Thanks babe, I seriously appreciate you!

  • Catherine

    I absolutely love this post! Since you’re really big into personal development, I’m curious what your personality type is. With your writing style and incurable curiosity(which trust me is a REALLY good thing), you wouldn’t happen to be an ENFP would you? Also, I too just love Harry Potter. I think the first one is my favorite because it captures the initial excitement and (to me) proves that there is a hope and community for the seemingly unloved or people who feel like people just don’t get it.

    Regarding finances, I’m all about getting that under wraps! It affects so many aspects of our lives. With credit scores did you know that even a 60 point difference between you and your partner can predict whether or not you’re going to get a divorce? It absolutely blows my mind!