What’s going on with KristaAoki.com?

November 21, 2017

Hey, soul searchers.

It’s been a while since I posted, but I thought I’d give an update to anyone tuning in:

Earlier this month, my boyfriend (Mike) joined me to work full-time on our blog, Reroute Lifestyle.

Before we made this huge life change, we assumed that we would keep all lifestyle, travel, and personal finance content on this blog, KristaAoki.com. And then we would keep any blogging advice on Reroute Lifestyle.

During the first week or so of maintaining the blog, Mike kept doing what he does best: brainstorming incredible, fun content ideas for this lifestyle blog.

That’s when it hit us:

Reroute Lifestyle – this idea of leveraging the Internet to make money online and be in control of where you worked from, and when – encompasses so much more than blogging.

It also encompasses everything we do:

  • working while we travel (whether long-term or short-term)
  • blogging, and making money with affiliate marketing
  • pitching and working freelance jobs
  • building our skills in WordPress web design
  • basically, building a skillset that will allow us to work from wherever we can – with a WiFi connection.

So, we’ve spent the last few days glued to our computer screens. And we’re working on transferring over most of the content from this blog – like our content on side hustles, being financially prepared to quit your job, and travel – over to Reroute Lifestyle.

Because you can truly reroute your lifestyle by doing more than just blogging.

You can find different ways to leverage the Internet and make money online.

But, Krista! You JUST rebranded this blog!! WTH, girl?!

…I know, I know.

Truth be told, I spent so much time branding and developing this blog in its first six months that there were a lot of topics I wanted to hold onto and write about for my brand.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the four-and-a-half months of working with my boyfriend to build a business, it’s we both have to compromise.

The truth is, we’re building something together and since the inception of this blog (KristaAoki.com), we both put work into it (after all, he is the dude behind the camera).

So it’s a give-and-take kinda thing.

Interested? Follow along!

If you’re interested in following along on this new ol’ journey of ours, yay! You’re in for some fun stuff:

So…what’s happening to KristaAoki.com?

While I haven’t committed entirely to the idea, I’m probably turning this domain into a portfolio for my freelance services.

So I’ll still be around on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, but shifting gears as I “rebrand my life.”

By the end of the year, most content from this blog will either be relocated to Reroute Lifestyle or relocated elsewhere.

Thanks for following along! I love getting to know you guys, so don’t forget to join our Facebook group so you & I can keep chatting.



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