Brand Copywriter & Storyteller for Small Businesses

Hafa Adai! I'm Krista

I’m a Guamanian-born, globally raised brand storyteller.

I combine my background in branding with an affinity for writing — to write tear-jerking, relatable content that creates relationships over screens.

I wanted to understand what drove people on a deeper level

I wanted to know why people did the things they did, how they felt, and what they learnt in the process. 

That’s how I got into brand storytelling: 

Seeing and highlighting the depth that business owners had, and bringing that depth into their brand stories and content. 

You can find me at kapwa studio, where we help businesses create brand advocates by community building on Instagram.

One value that guides me

Don't settle for less just because it's available

P.S. I like to run

In late 2019, I stopped drinking alcohol and subsequently started running. I don’t run fast, but I run consistently.

In the process, I’ve learnt from running:

  • Trust the process. Whether you want to run 100km in one month or your first full marathon, most people can’t just pick up and do that overnight. You learn to create a plan, show up every day, and trust the process. 
  • Discomfort is the biggest opportunity for growth. It might feel uncomfortable right now, but in this discomfort, you’re learning where you can stretch your limits and grow. 
  • It’s the present that matters most. Forward is still a pace. Just focus on the present and where you can push forward now.

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