Website Conversion Audit

Build trust, confidence and clarity on your website.

Spend less time actively selling what you do and more time building deep relationships with your customers, your community and your loved ones.

Apply now for a free website audit, personalized and on video, that will instantly help you build customer connection & website conversions.

You know how to run your business.

You’re getting traffic to your website – but does this website build a relationship with these visitors and lead to sales? 

Perhaps, you haven’t had to think about your website’s performance because what you’re doing has worked so far. 

You’re ready for the next step – learning how you can optimize your website to make the most of all website traffic.

Does this sound like you? Then this free video website audit would be a perfect fit!

Apply below for a free video website audit that analyzes your:

  • Overall brand, messaging and vibe so you attract the right customer to your website
  • Brand connection points so you feel confident your website resonates with your target market
  • Search engine optimisation so that you effortlessly bring relevant traffic to your website
  • Conversion optimisation so you know that people visiting your website will take action to connect with you 

…personalized to YOUR goals and delivered via video, so you can see the unedited version of what it’s like for a potential customer to interact with your website.

You’ll walk away feeling totally confident about what to do to take your website to the next level 💪🏽

Aloha, I'm Krista!

Too often, I see creative visionaries hold themselves back in a way that prevents them from reaching their full potential.

They know how to run their business, but their website is more of an afterthought than a tool to make deep connections.

Maybe it was all the time I spent designing MySpace layouts that gave me this superpower of visiting websites and being able to see where they leave money on the table.

Your success is my priority. Let’s make like Moana and expand the horizon of possibilities with your website.

Word on the Block

“The end result of seeing my blog live for the first time – I got chills!

You can see what beautiful work Krista does by looking at the websites she can create. From creating a personalized logo, to picking fonts that connect with your tone and brand, she can bring her clients’ visions to life.”

Jenny is Free

“Krista is patient, clear, easy to work with and I would recommend her and her skills to anyone needing web help. Her tutorials and follow up notes are professional and simple to follow. Keep doing all things in the Krista-method. She’s absolutely perfected it.”

Kasha Speas

“Because of Krista I was able to work with double the amount of clients and actually have a life while increasing my revenue. I invested in Krista’s services because of her positive, can-do attitude that made me feel excited to work with her every week. I’m so truly grateful for being able to trust Krista with my business and clients.”

Mel Judson

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