Circle of Love Weddings

How We Designed a Wedding Planner Website Using Heart-Centered B2C Content Marketing

Daria MacGregor is a wedding planner and officiant serving Atlanta, GA and worldwide.

She has 15 years of experience planning and officiating once-in-a-lifetime days for her wedding clients. Daria needed an online presence that reflected her already-established offline reputation and expertise in the industry.

Her customers are the heart of her business, and we designed a website that reflects that. We weaved her brand story into every part of the website experience so that she could build stronger relationships with potential clients before the first formal contact.

The Goal

Daria wanted a website that updated her brand and booked six luxury wedding planning clients per year.

Daria also had long-term goals to expand her online presence. With those goals in mind, Daria wanted an easy to update website that she could build on as her business evolved online.

Overall, we wanted to bring the the Circle of Love Weddings story to life with customer-centered copy and B2C content. Our focus was to write customer-centered copy with inspiring (not pushy) calls-to-action.

The Before

Before we started working together, Daria was using a website designed for her in 2006. Daria came to me with three clear goals regarding the website update:

  • Redesign the brand and website with a more modern look and feel
  • Ensure a mobile-friendly version of the design (that wasn’t so much of a requirement in 2006!)
  • Create a better balance of words and images (her previous website, which you can see below, was very wordy)

Wedding Planner Brand Design

In the brand update, we brought elements from the original Circle of Love Weddings website and branding. The goal here was to bring elements from Daria’s original branding into the evolution of her new brand.

In the brand update, we brought elements like the flower in the logo and two primary shades of blue. To modernize the design, we added two darker shades of blue.

In this design, the color blue evokes feelings of calm, cared for, and heard. These feelings are a cornerstone of Daria’s wedding services:

  • Everything will flow perfectly
  • Daria is their partner the entire way
  • What they want and imagine for their wedding is possible

The shades of blue also represented water – because go with the flow is Daria’s life mantra, and a value she brought to her clients. The off-white color used represents the bond of marriage.

The entire foundation of the branding was that the couple’s love was the most important thing.

What I loved most about this project was using photos from weddings Daria planned and officiated as the photos in the mood board and design.

A part of Daria’s vision was for the Circle of Love Weddings brand to evoke the Fall season – and its feelings of warmth, relaxation and welcoming.

The photos we chose to use for the Mood Board and website also evoke those warm feelings. 

Website Design & Development

We organized the website with 6 primary components:

  • Home
  • About
  • Wedding Planning Services
  • Wedding Officiant Services
  • Blog
  • Contact

The website itself was developed to be flexible with Daria’s growth in the wedding industry. We made it easy for her to expand the wings of her offerings. 

One benefit of being a wedding planner is having so many beautiful stories to share. For this reason, we focused on the blog design, navigation and sharability. 

Unique, Personal Touches

You can tell clients hire Daria because of the heart she puts into her work and how she does not let any detail get overlooked. It’s easy to see that clients hire Daria for her.

Throughout the website, we included 

  • Personal Q+A at the bottom of many pages
  • Personal Timeline on her About page
  • Letters from Daria with her photo throughout the website / My Vows to You Section


As a wedding planner and officiant, the incredible weddings Daria facilitates are the lifeblood of her brand. We featured client wedding stories throughout the website.

On the blog, we feature categories like wedding ceremony elements and wedding tutorials that position Daria as the Wedding Wise Woman she is.

To help her visitors binge-read her content, we:

  • Used breadcrumbs throughout the blog for easy navigation
  • Added a search bar and blog categories to her blog sidebar
  • Featured a “Keep Reading” section with 6 blog posts at the bottom


  • Implemented a website “Site Map” to make it easier for search engines to crawl the website
  • Integrated keywords establishing Daria as a wedding planner, coordinator and officiant
  • Added breadcrumbs to demonstrate website hierarchy to search engines

The Results

Brand & Company Clarity

We dove deep into the purpose of Daria’s business, which helped her gain long-term and short-term business clarity

Overcome Perfection Paralysis

This process helped Daria overcome self-doubt & perfection so she could put her energy into attracting new wedding clients 

More Traffic & Bookings

This website transformation established Daria as *THE* wedding planner and officiant, resulting in more traffic and more bookings

What Daria Says:

“When I was finally ready to begin the massive task of reinventing my company’s website and brand, I was overwhelmed about all the work involved, and nervous about finding a designer who would understand me and my vision.

From the moment I connected with Krista, I knew she was the right fit for the potentially challenging job of guiding me through the creation of an updated look and voice to showcase the new offerings of Circle of Love Weddings.

I wanted someone I could work with long-term. I expected a collaborative, creative relationship. And, I wanted someone who would respect my master plan for the site and the direction of the business, while also providing their own expertise and creative suggestions.

Krista turned out to be everything I hoped for and more.

She always says yes, even when I say crazy things like, let’s push the launch date up by 3 weeks! She is highly responsive without being pushy.

Krista is a fountain of knowledge about web design, branding, copywriting, SEO and more. I especially appreciated the deep dive we took into the “why” of my brand… by working through her extensive questionnaire, I was able to gain more clarity on the direction of the company and of the website, short-term and long-term.

And, Krista manages the delicate balance of a business owner’s ego and anxiety with absolute grace. She counseled me though my perfection paralysis and cheered me through my (sometimes hesitant) leaps forward into the great unknown that is modern marketing.

The end result is a fantastic new site that exceeded all my goals.

She is a treasure.

Krista, thank you for your loving care of me, and of Circle of Love Weddings. You pour your love into your work, and it clearly shows. Deep bows to you, and so much gratitude. I love my new site and have received so many compliments plus a lot of traffic and bookings! I look forward to many more years of collaboration!”

Your brand will be in loving hands.

Together, we will co-create a website that will establish you as *the* leader in your industry.