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Social Media Content Creation

Honouliuli, Hawai'i's largest internment site during WWII

Honouliuli, nicknamed “jigoku-dani (hell valley),” was one of the largest internment sites in Hawaiʻi during World War II.

Video footage provided by Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaiʻi. Reel scripted and edited by Krista Aoki.

21,800 views • 1,984 likes • 40 comments

Parents Are Human Ad Creative

Parents Are Human is a bilingual connection card game designed to spark deep conversations between you and your loved ones.

This 9:16 ad creative was Parents Are Human’s best video ad in 2022.

Shot, scripted, and edited by Krista Aoki on behalf of kapwa studio. 

TikTok: 4.3 million plays • 60,200 likes • 490 comments (boosted)

WordPress Website Design

Wedding Planner Branding & Web Design

Updated branding, logo, website, and blog design with search-ability at the top-of-mind

Daria MacGregor is a wedding planner and officiant with 15 years of industry experience. She wanted to update her branding and website with a modern look and feel.

I worked with Daria to truly bring the soul of her work onto her website. Her website is sprinkled with unique, personal touches, as well as blog content that helps potential clients visualize the enchanting experience of working with her.

Hawaii Website Design

Local board game lounge Slow Your Roll café wanted a website solution they could manage on their own and that would sync their online and offline inventories.

This project moved the Hawai’i Island board game café from Shopify to WooCommerce – with the final result being a modern and easy-to-manage website that will grow with their local business. 

Branding & Web Design for Freelance Writer

I worked with the prolific freelance writer and editor Lydia Paulina to bring her magic onto a portfolio website.  Lydia’s clients – leaders and creatives who understand the importance of a meaningful story – feel like she is the copywriting fairy godmother.

So the final project is a mixture of professional and enchanting – just like the articles she delivers.

Wellness Practitoner Website Design

Wellness specialist and Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) Sangeeta Kumar wanted a website that communicated her vibrant, contagious energy and connected with her clients.

We designed a single page website and Blog that walks potential clients through Sangeeta’s services, specialty and personality.

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