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I design custom Elementor WordPress websites that position my clients as authorities in their field

Lydia Paulina

I worked with the prolific freelance writer and editor Lydia Paulina to bring her magic onto a portfolio website.  Lydia’s clients – leaders and creatives who understand the importance of a meaningful story – feel like she is the copywriting fairy godmother.

So the final project is a mixture of professional and enchanting – just like the articles she delivers.

Slow Your Roll

Local board game lounge Slow Your Roll café wanted a website solution they could manage on their own and that would sync their online and offline inventories.

This project moved the Hawai’i Island board game café from Shopify to WooCommerce – with the final result being a modern and easy-to-manage website that will grow with their local business. 

Happily Ever Wellness

Wellness specialist and Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) Sangeeta Kumar wanted a website that communicated her vibrant, contagious energy and connected with her clients.

We designed a single page website and Blog that walks potential clients through Sangeeta’s services, specialty and personality.

Jenny is Free

Travel blogger Jenny is Free wanted a blog that showed her personality as a writer and eco-traveller who believes in giving back.

The final project is a blog that is more than just a travel blog – about the night buses, the spontaneous nights out with hostel friends, the weekend trips into nature, and the footprints that we choose to leave behind.⁣

“The end result of seeing my blog live for the first time – I got chills!”⁣

What Clients Say

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Investing in a website designer may be scary – like the first time I went to a networking event alone. But the biggest times of growth happen when we make big moves regardless of how scary it may feel.

Last year, I made the biggest investment to date in my business – Branding School. What I found with that investment was the business clarity and education I needed to become fully booked for three months in a row.

If you need a website solution from a designer who specializes in brand positioning, get in touch! Working together will be more memorable than the time I trekked 10 miles to get up close and personal with the lava flow on the Big Island. 

Time to throw on my red lipstick and force myself to socialize at the next Sunday brunch!

xo – Krista