Stomp the Pavement

Industry: Modern Career Advice
Olivia Sod at Stomp The Pavement provides modern, reliable career advice to help ambitious young women create a career that sets their soul on fire, fight outdated systems creating barriers to our generation’s success, AND have fun while they’re doing it.

The Goal

Olivia wanted a website that built trust and credibility in her career expertise so that visitors would be inspired to sign up for her email newsletter. 

She also asked for a custom flash sale page that visitors would be directed to after they signed up for her email newsletter.

Branding, Website & Development

One primary differentiator that sets Olivia apart from her competitors is the career advice she offers is not your parents’ advice from when they graduated 30 years ago. Her career expertise is modern, bright and full of energy.

We designed the Stomp the Pavement branding to align with Olivia’s values that your career should be a journey that sets your soul on fire.

At the heart of Olivia’s purpose is helping her community follow their passions so they have an exciting, fun-filled career. With that in mind, we used imagery like confetti and party balloons to convey that youthful, fun energy of the Stomp the Pavement brand.

This project was more than website design; we used Stomp the Pavement’s customer journey to guide the website strategy.

Olivia grows her authority as a career expert through knowledge-packed blog content. Because of this, our main goal was to drive newsletter subscribers through the website and blog.

Once potential customers land on the blog, the next goal is to inspire them to sign up for her email newsletter.

Olivia offers a free networking guide as a lead magnet, so we made it easy throughout the blog and website to find and sign up to receive the networking guide.

The final website page we designed was a flash sale or tripwire offer that visitors were redirected to after signing up to receive Olivia’s free networking guide.

A tripwire is a low cost digital product offered for sale for a limited amount of time. Olivia’s tripwire is a limited-time paid upgrade for her Job Search Productivity Kit.

A tripwire like this is a win-win for both parties – your visitors receive a quick win for a no-brainer price; and you get to show off more of your expertise!

Client Love

Olivia Sod